Täby Municipality Building, Täby, 2010

For the competition for the new municipality building in Täby we wanted to keep it simple.

Rational and flexible (generic) office floors are stacked on top of a meeting and conference level that in turn rests on the public and publicly visible functions of the building (lobby, café, assembly hall, restaurant).

This volume is then hollowed at its center by a light well; a large interior space that visually connects all the floors of the building.

On each level the volume is pierced by a two story high "hole", connecting the interior space of the building with the city outside. These holes create lobbys for each floor and for each floor they shift direction. The lobbys are connected by the main vertical communication, a generous staircase that spirals through the void.

On the first two floors, public functions and conference/meeting level, the lobbys connects to the urban fabric of the surrounding area.

A two story tall gallery runs along the facade of the ground floor. It holds the restaurant, a lobby space and, closest to the entrence and the plaza, the assembly hall. It is a storfront for the decision-making process inside.

The skin of the building, its facades, contrasts its light and open interior by being mysterious. Referencing jugend and art nouveau buildings from the early 1900's, it combines the the aesthetics of the stone city with those of the exotic. And like the words of politicians inside, the arches of its windows curves both to the left and to the right.