Extension to a summerhouse, Simrishamn, 2010.
Commission; Sketches. Produced in collaboration with Linus Fransson

For an addition to a summer house, close to Simrishamn in the south of Sweden, we made three sketches, illustrating different approaches to the existing building and the site.

Option 1, Angle House:

This approach extends the old living room of the existing house to the north-west and creates a large room that opens up towards the garden and the evening sun. Through the skylight facing the north, cool light is let in, filtered through the leaves of the trees outside. By extending the living room to north-west a large an continuos garden space is created.

The floor of the new room is on level with the lawn outside, connecting through a short flight of stairs to the old living room on the main floor as well as down to a small space connecting to the basement. The result is; one intimate space connecting to the kitchen and fireplace, one large studio-like multifunctional space, being the new living room of the house and a small space at basement level becoming the perfect places for watching movies or playing video games.

Option 2, Summer Room:

Option 2 opens the old living room towards the south-west. The result is a narrow (3.5m) volume that cuts the garden in two. One garden facing the south with views of the fields, the other facing the north with a back wall of trees and the evening sun.

In between these two gardens, the new volume forms a filter and is therefor translucent. Like a greenhouse it is made out of polycarbonate. The structure is a wooden frame doubling as bookshelf, flowerbench or furniture for sitting. Outside of the polycarbonate, wires allow plants and flowers to scale the walls and roof of the extension.

Because of its width (3.5m) the volume can be easily divided into two functional spaces. The one furthest from the old house becoming a bedroom or containing, for example, a large couch. The space closest to the old house opens up through doors on both sides towards the gardens.

Because of the polycarbonate, the new spaces will be considerably colder during the winter than a conventional wall/roof-construction. It is a space for the summer. Folding doors close the opening in the old house during the cold season.

Option 3, Blow-out:

The third option focuses on the space inside the old house.

A new volume is added along the northern side of the building. It contains three bedrooms, a toilet and a shower, replacing the bedrooms, toilet and bathroom in the old building. This allows for the interior of the building to be "blown out" creating one large, two stories high, common space for the family. Within it only the brick chimney, kitchen workbench and roof trusses remain. Temporary platforms kan be constructed on the beams of the trusses using boards and planks, creating an informal lanscape of pillows and cushions for late night board games and surprise sleepovers .