Br. Axelssons Fisk, fish store, Sollentuna, 2009
Commission. Produced in collaboration with Linus Fransson.

This design for a small fish store-, lunch restaurant- and bar-in-one was conceived as a series of surfaces defining space:

Lacquered plywood face the patrons of the bar. The glossy wooden surface, faintly referencing the wooden sheds traditionally associated with the fishing industry, becomes a space for memories. Framed pictures, photos of friends and trophies from fishing trips or keepsakes from journeys abroad are hung on the surface of the bar.

The fish store area is kept simple and sports the clean frankness of a reliable fishmonger. Glazed ceramic tiles cover the walls, shelves and fittings are standard components all made of stainless steel. The designs most important purpose is to display the impeccable quality of the products.

A third surface wraps the first two together. Like the fish being sold they are caught in a net.