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Stockholm Field Office is a small architectural practice based in Stockholm.

We believe that architecture is about the lives of people and about creating spaces and places that makes peoples lives great.

We think that collaboration is the way to go and that any great architecture is founded on dialog and keeping an open mind as much as on hard work and dedication.

We like our architecture to make the ordinary extraordinary and our clients to be very happy.



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or visit us at:

Grev Turegatan 7

STATE LOFT, 5th floor
114 46 Stockholm

Stockholm Field Office is:

Mattias Beckman
+46 73 354 88 34

Joël Jouannet
+46 72 18 823 72

Rutger Sjögrim
+46 73 68 243 86

Markus Wagner
+46 709 70 90 25

Mats T Beckman
+46 708 19 27 29